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Nyssa's writings are influenced by her BA in Philosophy from UCSB. All her poems and stories discuss death, mortality, self, and control. 

Terminal Intrusion is the name of her solo performance project, as well as the name of a zine she released of poems and drawings. 
Thoughts from a nomadic woman. 

-What does it mean to be nomadic?
-What does it mean to be a woman?

Let us embrace questions first and foremost. 
And let us embrace questions with multiple answers. AND let us embrace questions with multiple answers that are forever changing. For these are the only kinds of questions I ask myself. I am “training” myself to live in a state of flux, realize that the world is literally in constant motion, everything on it, in it is changing is LIVING. Words also are alive. Every word I write down is both an opening to a thought, and is also chained to that word’s meaning, or more importantly, chained to the reader’s meaning of that word. 

Words enable communication, growth, knowledge, and change, but they are also one of our biggest hinderances and an enormous reason for conflict. How I define one word is very different from how others define it. This is extremely dangerous, for even the word "woman" holds infinite meanings, infinite perspectives and connotations. It is a heavy word. It is also a word that is in flux, that is changing.